Friday, May 4, 2012

The Popularity of iPads

This is how popular iPads are. The poor woman just can't keep her hands off them.....

Was Google automatically putting ads in my blog posts when distributing?

I use Google Blogger to write my blog. I also use Google Reader to subscribe to my feed.

I was a little surprised to see ads inserted by Google in my blog RSS/Atom feed.

Ofcourse, since they are going to do it anyway, I signed up to let them pay me for it :-(

Cross posting between Google+ and Facebook

Used to use a Chrome extension to cross post between G+ and FB. However, they stopped working, so I had to figure another way out....

Thanks to Google search, it wasn't too hard, but documenting it anyway, for friends and family....

1. Find out the email address that FB allows you to use to post status updates via email. I found that info that from this URL/query:

2. Add this email address to your G+ circles as a dummy user (I chose a user name like "Me on Facebook". Create a circle that only contains that user

3. When you post on G+, add that circle to the set of people the post goes to.....

Update (12/4/12): This doesn't work anymore :-(. And even when it did, it stripped out all HTML links.