Friday, August 9, 2013

Great Google Reader Alternative

Today is kind of a depressing day. I actually had to pay money for a web application! For those who know me, this goes waaaaay against my grain :-)

Anyway, I used to be a HUGE user of Google Reader. Have been looking for a good replacement. Tried most things that people recommended. Thought I would settle on The Old Reader, but their site is pretty slow (even after a recent move to the US, which they just completed). They also seem to be slow in getting updates on various feeds.

I had been trying Bazqux for some time. Liked the reader a lot, but hated the idea of needing to pay for something on the net :-)

Anyway, have finally caved and paid my dues. The software is excellent. I am happy to recommend is very strongly.

P.S. Actually, BQ is pretty cheap - they let you choose your price - $9-$29 per year. So really, I have no business complaining about the charge at all.