Tuesday, July 26, 2011

G+ and Blogger

Interesting that my posts on Blogger (which is a Google company) appear on FaceBook, but not on G+.

Come on Google

3G/4G Tablets

If I were Verizon, I would offer a customer 100MB of data for free per month on their Verizon 4G tablets. This gets customers hooked onto using their tablets when they are roaming - and then Verizon can charge for any overages (by allowing the customer to pay for more data).

Feels like this fits in nicely with the freemium model that is so popular on the Internet.

Verizon isn't/doesn't need to subsidize the tablet itself (the ones with 3G cost more). Hopefully it earns something for retailing the tablet. It creates a new customer base of people who will use more of Verizon's data services....

Todays model, where a consumer spends more on a 3G tablet and doesn't get any benefit while roaming outside his WiFi area doesn't make much sense to me.

Any thoughts?

Monday, July 25, 2011


Ok - this is not Android related, but is cool anyway!

Just found a great G+ plugin that runs on Chrome called G+me

Gives you a GoogleReader kind of interface with G+, so that you can quickly glance at your stream and look at the items you want to.

It allows G+ to serve as a Twitter stream very nicely!

Love it!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting NetFlix on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Finally Netflix came out with a version that runs on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. However (possibly for marketing reasons), they don't claim to officially support it - they only support the Lenovo tablets.

There were a few posts about where you could download the Netflix apk from, but being a paranoid security guy, I didn't want to pick up an apk from an unknown source. So here is what I did:

Downloaded the Netflix app on my NexusOne. Then connected it to my laptop and pulled the apk off the phone and then installed it on my Galaxy Tab.

Manual steps:
1. Download Netflix on your supported Android phone
2. Connect phone to your laptop via USB (I assume you already have adb working correctly - to verify, run adb devices and make sure your phone shows up)
3. On a command line, run:
    adb pull /data/app/com.netflix.mediaclient-1.apk
4. Disconnect phone and connect the tablet (again, verify with adb devices)
5. On the command line, run:
    adb install com.netflix.mediaclient-1.apk

If you do download the apk from another place, verify that the sum (using the cygwin sum command) is:
33864 7206


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Somebody else's post on what RIM should do

Check the last 2 paragraphs from this article:

Mike Abramsky, a long-time supporter of RIM at Canadian financial firm RBC Capital Markets, suggests breaking RIM up into two companies; I think the result would be similar. One RIM would diversify into business software and servers to support multiple mobile platforms. The other would make powerful, enterprise-oriented Android phones.