Sunday, February 22, 2015

AndroidLow, AndroidMid and AndroidHigh

I thought AndroidOne was an excellent way for Google to push Android's penetration in the developing world. They basically provided a spec and let various manufacturers build devices and market them. The UI is a standard Android UI and updates are managed by Google, so the devices are reasonably well supported for a couple of years. The manufacturers don't need to do much design, so they sell the devices at pretty decent prices. (Yes, I know AndroidOne wasn't as successful as Google would have liked, because retailers weren't too happy about the devices being sold online-first and so refused to stock them, but it was a good start).

What I would love to see Google do, is replace AndroidOne with 3 programs - AndroidLow, AndroidMid and AndroidHigh. Devices in these 3 would have prices of around $100, $200 and $350. Let manufacturers compete on the manufacturing, marketing and finish, but keep control of the software.