Thursday, November 12, 2009

G1 vs Droid vs Cliq

For work, I needed to get a Cliq and a Droid (and I have my G1, ofcourse). Tried using the new phones expecting I would fall in love with them.

Was amazingly disappointed :-(

Both the Cliq and Droid have only a 4 line keyboard. They don't have the extra line for numbers/symbols that my G1 has. Makes it painful to type numbers. Also, I like the 5 keys and trackball the G1 has at the bottom. In particular, I need the menu key to be in the middle of the phone. For some random reason, Motorola decided to have a lot less keys..... Painful again.

And what is it with MotoBlur? Why can't they leave my phone that way it was? Hated the widgets on the home screen. My G1 already has 3 screens full of apps (and I got rid of Google's search widget). If I were going to add widgets to my phone, I would put them on one of the other screens. Definitely not on my home screen.

Blah to all these home page mods!

Still don't have a phone that I am salivating for.

What I am waiting for is a good HTC phone (no special experience, please) with a nice Snapdragon or equivalent processor that just increases the speed of my phone. Flash has become a non-issue since I have a hacked OS (apps on disk) and 16GB Class 6 microSD card. And, ofcourse, somebody will need to have hacked it!